The Radically Honest ‘About Me’ Page

A normal About Page should read something like…

Lush, cinematic pop orchestrations combined with simple, heartfelt lyrics delivered by a passionate and honest voice are the core of Australian singer, songwriter and producer BROADHURST. With a diversity of sound ranging from stripped back emotive piano and haunting vocals to precision electronica and soaring synths lead to stylistic comparisons to the smooth tones or Rhye, subtlety of Hundred Waters or Emma-Louise and electronic funk of Daft Punk.

I could also throw in a quote so that you can see that people ‘in the know’ are paying attention to what I do…

“BROADHURST delivers one of the best tracks of the year” ~

But the radically honest About Page sounds more like this…

Hey, I’m Nick, and I called myself BROADHURST because I reckon my last name is cool and I want to maintain some sort of anonymity for when I am reeeaaally famous (actually, that’s not true, I reckon calling up a restaurant and hearing the person on the other end of the line get all star struck when I utter my last name would be pretty fun).

For the first 35 years of my life I tried everything I could to NOT create music, even though everyday I felt that little part of me dying inside. A reflection of an ‘un-lived life.’ Then I fell in love (again) but this time was different. When I was trying to pull myself out of this creative chasm, I re-read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ where Mr Hill talks about how behind all successful men there is usually a deep love which spurs them on to greatness. That’s what happened. I’ll let you decide if I am ‘great’ but all that really matters is that I got my shit together and my music is finally out there. No taking it back now! Take that you pesky little thing called ‘resistance’!

Here’s the other shocking truth About Me… I am totally independent. Yes, I know I know, my productions are super slick and look like Sony just threw a couple a hundred G’s at them (I think so anyway) but I am 100% a self made music man. I do of course have a team of super talented people who believe in me and do waaay too much for waaay too little, for whom I am forever grateful. I have been approached by some majors (and plenty of minnies) but to be honest, I just wanted to get it out there and hold hands with my own creative and business savvy self to see what I truly have first before marrying my music to someone else. But always open to a better way.

So, if you are an artist who is struggling to break threw your blocks, then I will do my best to pass on what I have learned. If you are in the music industry and curious about who I am and what I do, then all I can say is I am so happy you’re here… now go share my music!


  1. April 16, 2017

    Hello and Happy Easter, I have just recently heard your music, and it is truly beautiful!!! Well done and thank you.
    Are you doing any gigs this year in Sydney? My partner and I would love to see you perform live!
    Kindest Regards

    • B R O A D H U R S T
      April 18, 2017

      Thank you so much for being here Charlotte. Nothing planned right now as I am building my live show. Wanting to create something special ;)

  2. Bek
    May 26, 2017

    I have just discovered your music and absolutely loving it! Truly talented.
    Looking forward to hearing more!

    • B R O A D H U R S T
      May 27, 2017

      Thanks Bek! So much more to come!

      • Dinorah
        November 12, 2017

        Me encanto tu música y tu voz tan cálida y profunda ,llegue a ti por casualidad y agradezco haberlo hecho desde hoy te seguiré,gracias por tu arte.Vivo en un pequeño país de Sudamérica que aprecia la música hermosa y onesta

        • B R O A D H U R S T
          November 14, 2017

          Estoy tan contento de que hayas encontrado mi música. Gracias por estar aquí y por sus amables palabras Dinorah.

  3. Surbhi
    September 1, 2017


    Greetings from India! My friends introduced me to your music last night and I have not been able to stop listening ever since. It is amazing to hear such soulful lyrics and amazing compositions coming from independent artists. Wish you all the luck in the world. Do come to India one day, we aren’t that far!

    • B R O A D H U R S T
      September 7, 2017

      Hey Surbhi! S glad your friends helped you find me :) Thank you for being here.

  4. Tegan
    September 6, 2017

    Hi Nick,

    I just wanted to say I truly respect your authenticity and transparency. It is truly refreshing. Loved your ‘About Me’ page! Keep up the great work and loving your music!



    • B R O A D H U R S T
      September 7, 2017

      Thank you so much for saying that Tegan.

  5. Kristina Nova
    December 4, 2017

    I sing as well. I heard “Little lover” on Spotify and I fell in love. It was on repeat several days. Then I discovered the video. I fell in love again. Then I discovered the rest of your music, you know what happened next. Today, while working my “day job” (I almost stopped singing for doing something I do not love), I discovered your website and saw that we have one thing in common. We have been trying for many years to not make music, and meanwhile a part of us just died. You can discover me on Youtube. Any reply to this post will be appreciated! Keep doing what you are doing.And yes, your music production definitely looks like Sony spent a lot of money on it. Love and Respect! <3

    • B R O A D H U R S T
      December 7, 2017

      Thank you so much for your comment Kristina. I am so glad you found my work and hope it plays a small role in guiding you back to your truth. xxx

  6. PS
    December 16, 2017

    My wife and I love ‘The One’ track. We just got married end of October and that was our first dance song!

    • B R O A D H U R S T
      December 17, 2017

      Wow. Thank you for sharing that. I always felt it was a great song for weddings! All about the love ;)

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