Let’s take ‘Open Wide’ Into The Hottest 100!

I would be forever grateful if you could please follow these steps to vote for Open Wide in Triple J’s Hottest 100!

Step One

Visit the Hottest 100 website and login. using Facebook or Google is easiest and fastest. If you don’t have these, please register for an ABC account.

Step Two

After you are logged in, come back to the Hottest 100 website, the click on Add Track

Step Three

Type in ‘Open Wide’ for the track name and ‘BROADHURST’ for the artist. Then Add To Shortlist and click Submit Votes.

Step Four

Enter your details, and when you get to ‘What’s your number 1 track of 2017?’ select Open Wide from the drop down and then submit your vote. That’s it!

Thank you so much for your support! And if there is someone else you know who also loves Open Wide, please share this post with them.

  1. Heini
    January 14, 2018

    Done:) Love your music so much and I really hope you make the list! xx

    • B R O A D H U R S T
      January 15, 2018

      Thank you so much for your support! Very grateful

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