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EP 0 – Why I Created BROAD NEW WORLD

So here I am. Real. Raw. Unedited. Totally open to you. Totally of service to you…

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Pick Up The Damn Jumper

Pick Up The Damn Jumper

Has there ever been something in your life that is really important to you, but you keep putting it off for ‘another’ day? This may be the medicine you need…

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open wide

Open Wide (Official Lyrics)

When I lay you down, I could see you fall in You allowed, I saw, are we going again So come back to the middle,…

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When I Was 8 Years Old

This is Nick in 1986. I dreamed of so many things as a kid, and even at this age I knew exactly why I was…

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Why I Broke Up With Bulletproof Coffee, Plus My Upgraded Alternative

Yes I know, I know… I told you for years how much I loved Bulletproof Coffee. In fact, Melissa and I are probably largely responsible for the extreme shortage of Westgold Unsalted Butter. Let’s face it… there are few things more satisfying than hand grinding your own coffee…

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just us, broadhurst

Just Us (Official Lyrics)

It’s just us, the same old rules don’t apply As I wake up laying next to you and the past is flying by Oh it’s…

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What It Means To Be A ‘Superior Man’

There are few concepts that have impacted me more profoundly than that of the masculine and feminine. Before I started to totally ‘get it’ and…

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how to find the one, broadhurst

How To Find ‘The One’ With Melissa Ambrosini

Meeting my wife Melissa has been one of the easiest and hardest things I have ever done in my life. When you meet your match, there is nowhere to hide…

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Status Quo (Official Lyrics)

You think that you know me, better than I know myself You think that you see me, better than I see myself I’m so tired,…

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the one

The One (Official Lyrics)

Bathing in your sunlight. Just another one life. You’re the one. Couldn’t really see you. Oh, wasn’t time to feel you. You’re the one…

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