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Always You (Official Lyrics)

Get the official lyrics for ‘Always You’ by Nick Broadhurst here…

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Ever Wondered (Offical Lyrics)

Get the official lyrics to ‘Ever Wondered’ by BROADHURST

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Thank You (Official Lyrics)

Get the official lyrics for ‘Thank You’ by BROADHURST

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open wide

Open Wide (Official Lyrics)

When I lay you down, I could see you fall in You allowed, I saw, are we going again So come back to the middle,…

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just us, broadhurst

Just Us (Official Lyrics)

It’s just us, the same old rules don’t apply As I wake up laying next to you and the past is flying by Oh it’s…

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Status Quo (Official Lyrics)

You think that you know me, better than I know myself You think that you see me, better than I see myself I’m so tired,…

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the one

The One (Official Lyrics)

Bathing in your sunlight. Just another one life. You’re the one. Couldn’t really see you. Oh, wasn’t time to feel you. You’re the one…

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Bones (Official Lyrics)

It’s only through the pain we grow. A metaphor for all man knows. The truth will always let you see. Reality will never be. Oh, I never saw…

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take me down, broadhurst

Take Me Down (Official Lyrics)

And I feel like coming down. But I want to show you how. Only so much fear can buy. I will never be your prize. And I fall on back to you…

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Little Lover (Official Lyrics)

Feeling like I do little lover. Wrap your legs around under cover. And I love, I love, I love, I love. Wake up next to you little lover…

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